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Alex Gerrard

She is Alexandra Gerrard ( England, 1982 ), she is Steven Gerrard's wife.

Alex is an English model and fashion columnist.
She is described as a leading "WAG" of the England national football team. 

On 2007, Alex launched her own fragrance, named "Alex". In 2010 Alex took to designing when she launched the Forever Unique by Alex Gerrard Collection. Her first collection was so successful that she launched a second collection in 2011.
Alex was revealed as the model for the new 2013 Lipsy VIP Collection and was a fashion columnist for Daily Mirror, New! magazine, and OK! magazine ( since 2009 to 2013 ).

She and Steven married on 2007They have three daughters, Lilly-Ella ( born 23 February 2004 ), Lexie ( born 9 May 2006 ) and Lourdes ( born 2 November 2011 ).

After her presentation, I want to talk about her style.

I have to say I love her style. It's so classy, smart and perfect.
Her clothes are so colorful and differents between them. Some of them are so classy and perfect for events or important things like dresses, shirts... with dark colours like blacks, browns, dark blues, reds; and of the other side, her clothes and style for everyday is sometimes, so different, so colourful and clear with white dresses, or cream shirts and jackets, some black jeans but so comfortable.
She doesn't wear a lot of accessories but she knows which one she has to wear to get a perfect outfit everytime.

She wears Yves Saint Lauren, Céline, Selfridges, Prada, TopShop, Converse, Nike, Chanel, Adidas, Giuseppe Zanotti, Jimmy Choo, Armani, River IslandLipsy VIP, Victoria's Secret, GUCCI, as far as we know.

Information about Alex Gerrard, here and here

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