lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

Wiesn / Oktoberfest 2013 ( Bayern München )

Yesterday, FC Bayern München celebrated its Wiesn and, with this opportunity, I want to talk about the Dirndl of our Wags.

Every Wag weared a different one, but there was a lot very beautiful.

I would like to explain some of them:

  • Sarah Brandner: in white and creams, her dirndl was so classy and smart, with a lot of details, like the wing in the corset, or her skirt with all of these print in pink and green.
  • Claudia Lahm: her dirndl is so sweet, just two colours, pink and white. It's more simply than other but so beautiful too. This have a print too, with points for all of the dirndl with a nice loop.
  • Lisa Müller: with different kinds of blue, pink and white, her dirndl is just perfect. It's simply and classy but these colours make it a bit modern. Not so complicated but pretty equally. I love the detail in front, with a clear blue.
  • Carolina Santana:  all in gold, white and pink her dirndl is magnific. A lot of details and stamps around, classy and smart and simply, it details isn't big and, for that reason, in my opinion is one of the best dirndl I saw yesterday. And the loop in pink is perfect like her hat, two pretty details for her style.

You can look my tumblr for more photos.

Thanks, Raquel.

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