domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

Verena Mundhenke

She is Verena Mundhenke ( Germany, 1978 ), she is Florian Kringe's girlfriend.

Verena is film director, actress and model.

In the late 1990s Verena Mundhenke began to work as a model for photographers and advertising agencies.

From 1999 she worked in film production as an assistant director, manager, scripts, continuity, and as a cinematographer before the film directing and acting, turning to.

From 2000, she studied at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. She finished her studies in 2007 with a diploma. The resulting 2007 film directed by her trip to America, where she reflects on her experience in the modeling scene, was premiered at the 2008 Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival.

In July 2012, a malignant tumor was diagnosed in the lymph system (Hodgkin's Lymphoma) in it. A month later, she underwent the first cycle of chemotherapy. Currently, she is getting better.

We can see her in Alarm Für Cobra (2011), Devil's Kickers (2010), Disengagement (2007) and Klimt (2006).

After her presentation, I want to talk about her style.

I'm in love with her style. It's simply but so glamourous and smart. Her style is so colourful and comfortable with a some accessories.
With a lot of combinations with jeans, leggins, dresses with t-shirts so simple but perfect for everyday.

 Information about Verena Mundhenke.

You can look my tumblr too, here.

Thanks, Raquel.

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