lunes, 16 de septiembre de 2013

Tina Krüger

She is Tina Krüger (Germany), she is Sebastian Kehl's girlfriend.

Tina has trained as a nurse.
They have known each other for 16 years and met at the hospital where Tina worked as nurse.
Sebastian and Tina have two children: Louis and Leni.

After her presentation, Iwant to talk about her style.

Her style is really nice, it's simply and classy, sometimes a little bit modern but it's so simply. She knows what has to wear in every moment.
She has such a natural look and is the older it becomes more beautiful. Tina doesn't wear colourful clothes but her outfits are so smart.

Information about Tina Krüger, here and here.

You can look my tumblr too, here.

Thanks, Raquel.

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