jueves, 19 de septiembre de 2013

Ewa Piszczek

She is Ewa Piszczek (Poland, 1985), she is Lukasz Piszczek's wife.

Ewa has a bachelor's degree in Property Management.
They met when they were 17 years old in the school and they're together since 2003. In 2009 they married.
Ewa and Lukasz have a daughter called Sara who was born in 2011.

She supports Lukasz a lot.

After her presentation, I want to talk about her style.

I like her style, in my opinion is easy and smart. It's comfortable and classy. She combinated a lot of colours and textures but always perfect.
Her favourites colours are the dark ones like blue, brown, violets... Not so glamurous but smart. I like it.

She wears ASOS, Prada, as far as we know.

Information about Ewa Piszczek here and here.

You can look my tumblr too, here.

Thanks, Raquel.

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